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Alexander and Maria Horn opened this family-owned and operated jeweler shop in 1984. The shop specializes in a variety of high quality and antique clocks including wall, mantel, cuckoo and grandfather clocks. Alexander Horn & Co never disappoints when you need services for watch repair.

We offer everything for clock repair. In this field, expert knowledge and skilled hands are absolutely necessary. This is detail work at its finest. If you have an old heirloom or antique that has stopped working, feel free to bring it in for us examine. We will identify the issue and address it immediately. We understand the need for a watch and clock specialist, and we are proud of offering our services in Ardmore, PA.

When you need professional watch repair, we give you the best deal every time. You won't find a better watch store in town. For the best results in clock repair and replacement, contact us today!

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