Antique Clock Repair

Alexander Horn & Co offers antique clock repair in Ardmore, PA. As valued customers, you deserve nothing less than our best effort in clock repair. Clocks have a great deal of history behind them. While cell phones have become the main method of telling time these days, nothing beats a good ol' fashioned antique in terms of aesthetics and appeal.

When you need a clock store, our name should be at the top of your list. We specialize in clocks of all types. These are delicate and complex machines that operate on gears and small parts. These can be difficult to find and are often custom-made. That's why you can rely on us. We understand the challenge and we're fully equipped to handle the task.

We are your first and last choice for watch repair. When it comes to your clocks, we want to be the best. Get on the phone with Alexander Horn & Co today!


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